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About Us

H.Thomas Krantz Beekeeping Supply was started to help people affordably become beekeepers.  When I started beekeeping I was shocked that there was only  two providers of beekeeping equipment in my area, and they were way over priced.  I decided that if I wanted to grow my apiary further I would have to apply my carpentry skills to making bee equipment.  Thus starting H.T. Krantz Beekeeping Supply.   In 2013 we decided that the growth of our business was too much to manage without damaging our family life.  The 14 to 16 hour days were very rough on my health and my family as well as my employee's family lives as well.  Honestly, the money wasn't worth the time loss with my family.  Thus our woodenware business was sold.  We are back to being beekeepers, honey and queen producers.  In addition we still really enjoy the folks at Maxant and decided that we would keep their product line for sale online.  We make just enough off the sales to keep the website alive and go out to dinner a few extra times a month.  So we do offer extracting equipment for sale as well as other misc items we can still easily get.  

Chris Krantz
Owner, Operater HTK



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