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Terms & Conditions

Shipping Damages-  If your order is damaged in shipping, we will work with you to get the item replaced or paid for by the carrier.  It is up to you to inspect the package before the UPS or USPS drivers leaves.  If you accept a package that is physically damaged, we are no longer responsible and you must file a claim with the carrier.  You MUST reject any damaged packages and then we will immediately ship you a replacement.  If you accept the box and its in perfect condition, yet there are items inside that were damaged during shipping.  You will be required to provide pictures of the broken items as well as pictures of the exterior of the box.  We must be notified within 5 business days of any damage in shipping.  Any claims reported after 5 days will not be accepted.  

Payment - We accept Visa/Mastercard for payment for all shipped items.  We charge ALL orders at the time of ordering and issue refunds if there are any changes.  We absolutely in no way store credit card information therefore we cannot authorize, then charge your card later.  This is for the security of YOUR credit card data.  If you do not wan't the payment processed at the date of order please do not place your order wtih us.

Shipping-   We reserve the right to choose whatever shipping method we see fit to get your items to you quicker.  One example is : You may choose UPS but if we can get it to you faster but USPS  we will ship by USPS.  If it is absolutely necessary that your item be shipped by a certain available carrier then you MUST include that in the notes at checkout. 

Returns- We accept returns on all unused items in ORIGIONAL PACKAGING/CONDITION.  If you ordered something unassembled, then assembled it..  We will not take it back.    If you ordered something assembled and you painted it..  We will not take it back.   etc..   The customer is responsible for ALL shipping and insurance.  If you ship something back and it is damaged during shipping we are not liable.  It is up to the customer to purchase insurance to cover any loss.  We will not assume any liability for return shipments.  All orders retured will have a 15% restocking fee, this fee is assesed to cover the time needed so we can inspect the product, return to stock, update inventories, and  process refunds

EXTRACTOR RETURNS - WE WILL ACCEPT RETURNS FOR EXTRACTORS WITHIN 7 DAYS IF THEY ARE 100% UNUSED AND UNASSEMBLED.  Once the legs are assembled and attached to the extractor it is not returnable.  Any indication of useage will result in denial of return.  It will be up to the customer to pay for return shipping of the extractor.  Also if an extractor is returned and found to have been used, assembled or unreturnable, it is up to the customer to pay for the return shipping to them.  Any eviidence of honey or bits of wax will also render the extractor non returnable.  After 7 days we will not accept any returns for extractors.  If you receive an extractor with a defective part or need warranty support then you MUST contact Maxant directly.  We cannot warranty a Maxant product because we do not stock replacement parts.  All extractor returns carry a 15% restocking fee that is not waveable.  As with anything we do not hesitate to explain our reasons for doing things.  We began to noticed that people were buying an extractor, using them and then returning them.  This practice has cost us thousands of dollars and we can no longer let people take advantage of us.  

Stock- As you know things can sell out quickly before we can get it back into stock.  If your order has an item out of stock, we will notify you of the back order and ship your order without the out of stock item.  Once that item comes back into stock we will ship it at no extra cost.  If you wish to take the item off the order, we will simply refund you the price of the item.  We reserve the right to substitute products with other brands (this excludes all Maxant, Beesmart,  Products).  For example, there are times when we do not have pierco in stock and we will ship an identical quality foundation in its place.  

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