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Swarm Lure - SHIPPED FREE!

Swarm Lure - SHIPPED FREE!
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Model: HK-SWB1
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Our swarm lures are NOT just lemongrass oil in a vial.  Though lemongrass oil CAN be used to bait a hive, the results will never be as rewarding if you used a true swarm lure. Most cases you will see a 75% better chance of catching a swarm using our swarm bait.  Our lures contain the nasonov pheromone, queen pheromone as well as other scents that scount bees will immedately want to call home.  

Our vials contain, in most cases, TWICE as much liquid as any other supplier's swarm lure.  In 2010 tests we could still smell a strong scent in our swarm traps 4 months after setting them out.  Its most effective usage is up to 12 weeks.  

Simply use a push pin and poke a tiny hole in the top and set it in your swarm trap.  We feel that the slow release vials don't emit as much scent and found that the pin hole releases more scent.  

We recommend you store unused vials in the refrigerator or freezer when using them from year to year.  

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Swarm Lure - SHIPPED FREE!
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