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Where you can find our honey

Retail locations our jarred honey is sold

Why our honey is the best

We measure the quality of our honey by our customers not worthless ribbons, so it's certainly a good thing that one of the country's best chefs uses our honey.  Spike Gjerde, 2015 Best Chef-Mid Atlantic James Beard award winner uses our honey in all of his restaurants (Woodberry Kitchen/A Rake's Progress).  In addition our honey is used in 2 of the region's award winning breweries, Brewer's Alley and Brookville Beer Farm.  Last on our "honey as an ingredient" list of customers is Dublin Roasters, voted Frederick's Best Coffee House.  


What makes our honey the finest in Frederick is the way in which we extract and store it.  Every drop of honey from the H.T. Krantz Honey Co is never heated, processed or filtered!  Our bottling tanks are kept at the same 92 degrees which is the same temperature it's stored at in the beehives.  The process starts with extracting at room temperature then strained through a 400 micron sieve.  Then the honey is cold pumped to our storage tanks.  A lot of companies will heat the honey to 120 degrees then force through a filter then hot pumping into storage.  Heating honey beyond its normal hive temperatures kills beneficial enzymes, vitamins, minerals and flavor.  

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