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In ancient Roman religion and myth, Lucina 

was the goddess of childbirth.  The name was generally taken to mean "she who brings children into the light" 

It just seemed to fitting that we name our golden line after Lucina.  These golden beauties are generally solid gold in color and at times will have a little dark spot on the base of her abdomen.  

This line of queens has been at the top of population quantity.  The test colonies that we use these queens in generally have larger populations when compared to our other colonies.  In many cases we had to add a 3rd brood box to these hives because if there is an empty cell, she will find it and lay an egg there.

The second best trait about these bees is

temperament.   They are very gentle and do not
get as defensive in the late summer/fall as our other Italian bees do.  They still maintain a very good front door defense against robbing and other pests that do not belong.

We have incorporated VSH in this line of queens but it is not a dominate genetic attribute with these queens.  They handle slightly above average mite counts well.

Due to the large quantity of bees in these colonies, honey production was never an issue.  The supers were always full of honey.  

These bees do require acceptable feeding in the fall to maintain the vast amount of bees they can over winter with.  


We ship all queens using USPS Priority or USPS Express.  If you choose USPS Priority queens can take up to 4 days to arrive.  


2019 Golden Lucina Italian Queen